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Sneak Peeks

Although most of our #AtomicAction heroes have their roots in the comics of the Golden Age, many of our villains are entirely new characters, created exclusively for the #AtomicAction universe!

Just for fun, we thought we’d give you a glimpse at some of the nefarious new scoundrels scheduled to bedevil our #AtomicAction heroes in the near-future….

THE FIENDISH 5 Art & designs by Rick Burchett

First up, we have The Fiendish 5, an alliance of macabre malefactors out to avenge their fallen leader, the Voodoo Man! The target of their revenge? The bounty-hunting Black Terror, of course! Look for this colorful quintet in the pages of Danger Comics #1 sometime in 2020!

RED SYREN Art & design by Peter Grau

This seductive sorceress from ancient Atlantis is poised to imperil the entire universe with her evil ambition… not to mention the headaches she causes for the crimefighting Black Owl and axe-slinging barbarian, Crom, in their forthcoming time-twisting team-up! Meet the fiery Red Syren — she’s one witch you won’t forget!