General Update

Since #AtomicAction comics aren’t distributed to the direct market, the shutdown of Diamond Distributors doesn’t generally affect what we’re doing. Right now, all comics are still available through IndyPlanet as both digital downloads and print copies via mail-order.

Now, that may change if the IndyPlanet folks are ordered to close up shop by the state, so I’ve reluctantly decided that I’ll probably be submitting the first three #AtomicAction titles to Amazon’s digital-only ComiXology app over the next month. I’ve resisted up until now, but it seems to make sense considering the current situation. I’m told that the submission process can take a long time, so I have no idea when (or if) my books will be available through the app…. but I’m giving it a shot.

I’m still plugging away on SAVAGE SAGAS #1, and hope to have it available in a month or so. I’m also hoping that production of future titles will be underway over the upcoming months, but that depends entirely on the artists involved and their circumstances.

And, this is probably no surprise, but the Bangor Comic and Toy Convention has been postponed/cancelled. As of this moment (3/24/2020), I’m still scheduled to appear at the Granite State Comic Con in September. we’ll have to see how that goes.