#AtomicAction is a line of all-ages adventure comics published by Atomic Pulp Media, the self-publishing imprint of writer, editor and graphic artist, Christopher Mills. That’s me.

So who am I? I’m a guy who always wanted to make comics! I have over 30 years experience in publishing, working as an editor for several independent comics companies, a freelance writer for several others, and as the Art Director of a national tabloid newspaper for about a decade. Among my comics writing credits are Leonard Nimoy’s Primortals (Tekno•Comix), Shadow House (Shadow House Press), Kolchak the Night Stalker (Moonstone Books), Femme Noir (Ape Entertainment), Gravedigger (Action Lab Comics), Bloodthirst, Task Force Alpha (Alpha Productions), Edgar Rice Burroughs’ The Moon Maid (American Mythology), and Big Bang Comics (Image).

Under my own Atomic Pulp imprint, I published the one-shot Captain Midnight: Secret Squadron comic book, and the Perils On Planet X miniseries/graphic novel.

Now I’ve turned my full attention to a new line of comic books, taking various public domain, “Golden Age” comic book characters from the 1940s and re-imagining them as 1970’s “Bronze Age” features, working with many of the amazing and talented artists that I’ve become friends with over the last three decades. These books feature self-contained lead stories, clear storytelling, professional art and dynamic colors.

These #AtomicAction titles can be quickly identified by the prominent placement on the covers of the “Atomic Action Authority” stamp of quality. This stamp not only parodies the old Comics Code brand, but stands for much the same thing (no, not censorship!): the material in these #AtomicAction comics is intended for general readers of all ages. There is no “edgy” adult content or language, and the stories are designed to be fast, fun, accessible reads.

All #AtomicAction titles are written, lettered, edited and designed by Yours Truly. Most of these comics are done “Marvel Style” with detailed plots given to the artists, who draw the stories from that outline. Once the pages are penciled, I then write the dialogue and letter them. After the art is complete and colored, I do all the design and production, including creation of logos, trade dress, text pages and house ads.

The #AtomicAction comics are not published to any set schedule; they go on sale when they are completed. Atomic Pulp does not distribute through comic book shops – the books are only available by mail order through the IndyPlanet online store. The best way to keep on top of new releases is to sign up for the #AtomicAction Mutant Army (Marvel has zombies, we’ve got mutants! Well, yeah, they’ve got mutants, too, but you know what I mean!) – you’ll get an e-mail every time a new comic becomes available.

I began #AtomicAction to try to re-create the sort of fun I had reading comics as a kid and teenager in the 1970s and early 80s. These are the comics I wanted to make when I first realized I wanted to make comics, back when I was ten years old. I’m having a blast making them, and hopefully, you’ll have as much fun reading them!

Christopher Mills
Publisher & EIC
Atomic Pulp


Christopher Mills
Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, Art Director, Letterer, Writer

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Website Tech Support

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