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General Update

Since #AtomicAction comics aren’t distributed to the direct market, the shutdown of Diamond Distributors doesn’t generally affect what we’re doing. Right now, all comics are still available through IndyPlanet as both digital downloads and print copies via mail-order.

Now, that may change if the IndyPlanet folks are ordered to close up shop by the state, so I’ve reluctantly decided that I’ll probably be submitting the first three #AtomicAction titles to Amazon’s digital-only ComiXology app over the next month. I’ve resisted up until now, but it seems to make sense considering the current situation. I’m told that the submission process can take a long time, so I have no idea when (or if) my books will be available through the app…. but I’m giving it a shot.

I’m still plugging away on SAVAGE SAGAS #1, and hope to have it available in a month or so. I’m also hoping that production of future titles will be underway over the upcoming months, but that depends entirely on the artists involved and their circumstances.

And, this is probably no surprise, but the Bangor Comic and Toy Convention has been postponed/cancelled. As of this moment (3/24/2020), I’m still scheduled to appear at the Granite State Comic Con in September. we’ll have to see how that goes.


Convention Schedule 2020

#AtomicAction will be appearing at a handful of New England conventions in 2020. This is what’s currently confirmed:

On April 24th & 26th, Publisher/Creator Christopher Mills will be appearing at the Bangor Comic And Toy Convention, at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine.

On September 19 & 20, Christopher will be appearing at the Granite State Comic Con, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Downtown in Manchester, New Hampshire.

More information and updates will be posted as they become available.


SPACE CRUSADERS #2 Available Now!

AVAILABLE AT LAST! The second issue of the star-spanning adventure anthology, Space Crusaders #2, featuring an all-new adventure of Basil Wolverton’s legendary Spacehawk, is now on sale through the fine folks at IndyPlanet!

This 32-page, full-color comic is written by Christopher Mills, and illustrated by Peter Grau. It contains the complete story, “The Death World Gauntlet,” along with the second installment of Lance Lewis, Space Detective, with art by Nik Poliwko. This comic also features three dynamic variant covers, by Peter Grau (Covers “A” & “B”) and Gene Gonzales with Matt Webb (Cover “C”)!

Buy Space Crusaders #2 now from IndyPlanet!

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SLEUTH COMICS #1 Available Now!

AVAILABLE AT LAST! The second #AtomicAction release, Sleuth Comics #1, featuring the all-new Black Owl, is now on sale through the fine folks at IndyPlanet!

This 32-page, full-color comic is written by Christopher Mills, penciled by Don Secrease, inked by Rick Burchett, and colored by Matt Webb. It contains the novel-length epic, “Scream of the Silent Skull!”and features three exciting variant covers by Paul Pelletier/Bob Cram Jr, Chuck Patton, and Rick Burchett!

Buy Sleuth Comics #1 now from IndyPlanet!

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Indie Spotlight reviews

The first issue of Sleuth Comics, starring the Black Owl, went off to the printer this weekend and should be on sale through the #AtomicAction Store and IndyPlanet in a week or so. But even though it isn’t quite available to buy yet, the reviews have started to roll in!

To whit, Max Travers‘ blog, Max Reads Comics, just posted an advance review of “Scream of the Silent Skull,” and…

…well, maybe you should go read it yourself HERE.


Sneak Peeks

Although most of our #AtomicAction heroes have their roots in the comics of the Golden Age, many of our villains are entirely new characters, created exclusively for the #AtomicAction universe!

Just for fun, we thought we’d give you a glimpse at some of the nefarious new scoundrels scheduled to bedevil our #AtomicAction heroes in the near-future….

THE FIENDISH 5 Art & designs by Rick Burchett

First up, we have The Fiendish 5, an alliance of macabre malefactors out to avenge their fallen leader, the Voodoo Man! The target of their revenge? The bounty-hunting Black Terror, of course! Look for this colorful quintet in the pages of Danger Comics #1 sometime in 2020!

RED SYREN Art & design by Peter Grau

This seductive sorceress from ancient Atlantis is poised to imperil the entire universe with her evil ambition… not to mention the headaches she causes for the crimefighting Black Owl and axe-slinging barbarian, Crom, in their forthcoming time-twisting team-up! Meet the fiery Red Syren — she’s one witch you won’t forget!


#AtomicAction featured in Back Issue #114

The most recent issue of TwoMorrows Publishing’s Eisner Award-winning magazine, Back Issue, includes a full-page peek at the #AtomicAction line of comics, courtesy of editor Michael Eury!

Issue #114 of Back Issue, spotlighting the black super-heroes of the 1970s, is on sale now at most comic shops, or can be ordered directly from the publisher HERE.

SPACE CRUSADERS #1 Available Now!

The FIRST #AtomicAction comic book – the 40-page GIANT sized, full-color Space Crusaders #1 featuring Dick Briefer’s Rex Dexter of Mars, by Christopher Mills, Peter Grau and Matt Webb, with a Lance Lewis: Space Detective back-up story illustrated by Nik Poliwko – is available now with three exciting variant covers! Check out this exclusive video trailer, and then click on the link below to get your own copy of this sure-to-be-collectors item!

Buy Space Crusaders #1 now from IndyPlanet!

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