Crom the Barbarian

Created by Gardner Fox & John Giunta in 1950 for Avon’s Out of this World #1, Crom the Barbarian is considered the first true sword & sorcery character created for comics (despite his obvious debt to Robert E. Howard’s pulp hero, Conan).

In the original stories, Crom was a young Aesir, who, over the course of three action-packed adventures, battled monstrous spiders, gargantuan serpents and angry giants. By the end of his second adventure, fair-haired Crom had married a beautiful princess and become the king of Ophir.

The #AtomicAction version follows Gardner’s story, but picks it up twenty years later, with Crom a more battle-scarred and world-weary wanderer. King no more, the barbarian leads a nomadic existence as a cynical, dour mercenary, his battleaxe Skull-Splitter in hand, seeking his destiny in a savage, primeval world… with the occasional time trip to the 20th Century!

Art and Character Design by Rick Burchett.