Originally appearing in 1942’s Great Comics #3, the mysterious and powerful Futuro, who was either a member of – or leader of – the equally mysterious Futurians, fought evil with a variety of unexplained supernatural powers, including invisibility and visions of future events. In his one and only recorded Golden Age adventure, Futuro kidnapped Adolph Hitler and personally delivered him to Hell. Unfortunately, Hitler was able to make a deal with the Devil and escaped the pit – at least temporarily.

The #AtomicAction version of Futuro is a once-human mystical entity, possessing the ability to move through time in either direction, at will. He and his Futurions (note the revised spelling), are charged with protecting the integrity of the universal timeline. When the proper flow of history is disrupted, he or one of the other Futurions will be dispatched to the critical point and take whatever steps necessary to set things right, sometimes recruiting mortal agents to effect the necessary temporal course corrections.

In order to further safeguard the proper flow of time, these mortal agents – which have included several #AtomicAction heroes, such as Black Owl and Crom the Barbarian – never remember encountering the cryptic entity until and unless he appears to them again.

Art and character design by Rick Burchett. This version of Futuro is © Christopher Mills.