Green Giant

Loosely based on the one-shot hero created by George Kapitan and Harry Sahle for Pelican Publications’ Green Giant #1 in 1940, the #AtomicAction version of the verdant titan is, in reality, a super-powered android, built by the eccentric scientist Dr. Leonardo Nerod (based on another featured character in the original 1940 comic), using – in part – recovered alien technology provided by the U.S. government.

Now, maintaining a human civilian identity as a Newkirk City stockbroker named Bill Brentwood, the Green Giant battles evil alien invaders (namely, the reptilian Lizagoths), gargantuan monsters such as Tyrann-X, the Dyna-Saurian and Reptisaurus, and any other threats to the city he calls home – and its citizens.

The original Green Giant

Aside from the ability to change size (he can safely grow up to 75 meters tall), the Green Giant can control his mass and possesses an antigravity wave generator which enables him to fly and can produce focused tractor and repeller beams in battle.

As “Bill Brentwood,” the Green Giant lives simply, donating most of his earnings to various charities and living in a small, one-bedroom apartment in Kingside, one of Newkirk City’s outer boroughs. He has a few human friends (who are unaware of his true nature), among them, Sandra “Sandy” Shoals, his secretary, his business associate, John Preston, and his biggest client, Knightsbridge millionaire Darren Danville (alias the Black Owl).

Artwork and character design by Rick Burchett. This version of the Green Giant is © Christopher Mills and is not in the public domain.