Space Detective

The original incarnation of the sci-fi adventurer known as Lance Lewis, Space Detective, who made his debut in Mystery Comics #3 in 1944, before going on to take the lead spot in Startling Comics in 1947, was a Buck Rogers-like member of the Space Patrol, a raygun-packing, jetpack-wearing, interplanetary investigator fighting evil aliens and other galactic villains with the assistance of his lovely companion, Marna.

The #AtomicAction version of Lance Lewis, Space Detective is pretty much the same guy, but he’s resigned from the Space Patrol for an as-yet-unrevealed reason, and set himself up as a private investigator, with an office on Nedor Stattion, a spaceport orbiting the mining planet of Xela, in Star Sector 526. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen events, his business hasn’t been very successful, and he’s struggling to make ends meet for Marna (now his secretary) and himself.

Art by Nik Poliwko. This version of Lance Lewis Space Detective is © Christopher Mills.