Danger Comics stars the second Black Terror, Tim Roland, a former teenaged sidekick, carrying on his Golden Age mentor’s legacy… in a decidedly 70s manner! This hero takes on criminals for money! He’s a super bounty hunter, and with decades of experience (and a vast arsenal) to call upon, he always gets his man (or woman or monster… you get the idea)!

Issue #1: Beware the Black Terror!

Based on the character created by Richard E. Hughes & Dan Gabrielson

Issue #1 features “Framed by the Fiendish Five!,” written & lettered by Christopher Mills. Art by Rob E. Brown. Variant Covers by Rick Hoberg & Matt Webb (Cover “A”), Rob E. Brown & Matt Webb (Cover “B”).

The sinister Murder Legendre, alias the Voodoo Man, plots his revenge from behind prison walls, assembling a team of five macabre marauders to execute the man who put him away – the Black Terror! But it’s not enough to see his enemy dead, the Voodoo Man wants the Terror’s reputation destroyed, too — by framing him for murder!

32 Pages • $5.00