Monsters Vs Heroes is an anthology title that is guaranteed to deliver exactly what its title promises: monsters (both good and evil) in conflict with the various costumed heroes of the #AtomicAction universe!

Issue #1: The Green Giant!

Based on the character created by George Kapitan & Harry Sahle.

Issue #1 of Monster Vs Heroes features “Doom Is the Dyna-Saurian,” written & lettered by Christopher Mills, penciled by David Zimmermann, inked by Mark Stegbauer, and colored by Matt Webb. Variant Covers by David Zimmermann, Mark Stegbauer & Matt Webb (Cover “A”), Steven Butler & Matt Webb (Cover “B”), and Neil D. Vokes & Matt Webb (Cover “C”).

When the invading alien Lizagoths unleash their ultimate weapon – Tyrann-X, the Dyna-Saurian – upon the helpless citizens of Newkirk City, all seems lost! The city’s only hope lies in the gargantuan hands of the heroic Green Giant (no – not that one), an amazing android programmed to protect and defend the defenseless!

Plus: The crossbow-wielding vigilante SwiftArrow and his crimebusting partner Lady Blue take on the bloodsucking vampire Count Orlok in a two-part back-up adventure, “Night of the Nosferatu!”

32 Pages • $5.00

Issue #2: The Heap vs Frankenstein!

Based on the Heap created by Bill Woolfolk & Carmine Infantino
and Frankenstein created by Dick Briefer.

Issue #2 of Monsters Vs Heroes features “Bayou Royale!,” written and lettered by Christopher Mills. Artists to be announced. Variant Covers by Mike Hall & Matt Webb (Cover “A”), and Andrew Pepoy & Matt Webb (Cover “B”).

Synopsis to come.

32 Pages • $5.00