Savage Sagas is an anthology title focusing on the more barbaric side of the #AtomicAction Universe, with stories featuring ancient axe-slinging warriors and the lords and ladies of lost, primeval jungles. Two issues are currently planned. Issue #1 stars two Gardner Fox creations: Crom the Barbarian and Cave Girl, while Issue #2 features another Fox creation (with Frank Frazetta), Thun’da, Lord of the Lost Land!

Issue #1: Crom the Barbarian!

Based on the character created by Gardner F. Fox & John Guinta
and Cave Girl created by Gardner F. Fox & Bob Powell

Issue #1 of Savage Sagas features “Temple of the Creeping Death,” written & lettered by Christopher Mills, illustrated by Rick Burchett, and colored by Matt Webb. Variant Covers by Sergio Cariello (Cover “A”), Jeff Cram & Matt Webb (Cover “B”), and Rick Burchett & Matt Webb (Cover “C”).

Comicdom’s first sword & sorcery hero returns with an all-new, epic adventure! When Crom, the Unthroned King, comes to the rescue of a beautiful gypsy girl, he may have found himself more trouble than he – and his trusty battleaxe Skull-Splitter – can handle: ferocious feline hunters, brutal Neanderthals and a nameless horror from the very pit of Hell!

Plus: The feral Cave Girl stars in her own blood-spattered back-up tale, “The Devil Came Down the Mountain!”

32 Pages • $5.00

Issue #2: Thun’Da, Lord of the Lost Land!

Based on the character created by Gardner F. Fox & Frank Frazetta

Issue #2 of Savage Sagas features “Dangerous Prey,” written and lettered by Christopher Mills. Artists to be announced. Variant Covers by Mike Hall & Matt Webb (Cover “A”), Tom Floyd & Matt Webb (Cover “C”)

The mighty Thun’da, Lord of the primeval Dawn Lands, travels to the urban jungle of Newkirk City to track down some misplaced velociraptors. With the help of the heroic Samson, he quickly wraps up his mission… but when he returns to his lost valley, he is captured by the vicious Kilgorr, King of the Ivory Apes! To save the life of his beautiful mate, Pha, the jungle warrior must win the albino gorilla’s deadly game: a 24-hour hunt where Kilgorr is the hunter and Thun’da his prey!

32 Pages • $5.00